TORNADO is an agricultural Grade Magnesium Silicate for direct application to the soil, can be used as a source of slow assimilation Magnesium in addition to serving as an inorganic soil conditioner.


Mineral Fountain Serpentinite from Heliconia-Antioquia
Use Inorganic soil conditioner - Fertilizer
Elements that contribute Magnesium (MgO) – Sílice (Si)
Physical State Dust
Color Gray
Alkalinity Positive
Maximum Humidity 5 %
ICA Registration N° 6037



Silice (SiO2) 31%
Magnesium soluble in acid (MgO) 30%
Magnesium soluble in acid (MgO) 30%




The importance of Mg in plant life lies in its presence in the center of the chlorophyll molecule (without Mg photosynthesis could not be performed). It also acts as an activator of the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and also intervenes in the transport of phosphates. Mg is a moving element within the plant and is absorbed from the soil as the Mg + 2 cation.


Magnesium Silicate is a material with basic characteristics that improves the chemical conditions of the soil, particularly the pH, correcting the active acidity of the same. Additionally, it presents conditions of stability and sustainability of soil pH over time, bringing short, medium and long term benefits to the soil.


TORNADO immobilizes the exchangeable aluminum (reserve acidity correction), in a very short period. High values of interchangeable aluminum can become one of the limiting factors of the productivity of plantations, especially because they impede the mobility of phosphorus and therefore delay root development. The poor development of the root system limits the assimilation of nutrients and makes planting more sensitive to periods with insufficient moisture 


It is recommended for crops with high requirements in Magnesium and for deficient soils of this element.
Can be used in soils with any acidic pH.
 It is recommended to deepen the root system because it immobilizes the Aluminum to a greater depth.
It is used to improve the Calcium / Magnesium ratio in soils.
It is recommended to use in conjunction with phosphorus sources as it improves its assimilation by the plant due to the synergy between the elements.


Basis of calculation
Kg Mg/Harvest  30
Kg MgO/Harvest  50



TORNADO for being a source of slow assimilation requires twice the dose indicated in the table.